Best Men, Women & Kids Footwear in India

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In the colourful world of footwear fashion, finding the ideal balance of quality, style, and price may be a difficult task. However, at APL Footwear, we have made it our purpose to make this process easier for our clients throughout India. With a wide range of selections for men, women, and children, we are delighted to be your go-to destination for footwear that flawlessly combines comfort, style, and affordability.

Why APL Footwear?

At APL Footwear, we believe that each person gets footwear that looks well, feels beneficial, and performs well. This knowledge drives our dedication to offering the best men's, women's, and children's footwear. Whether you're visiting the park, embarking on an outdoor trip, or simply running tasks, our footwear provide the ideal balance of style and comfort. Our footwear are meticulously crafted and engineered to keep up with fast-paced lifestyles, ensuring comfort and style with each stride. Furthermore, our kids' footwear has been carefully designed to give children durable and comfort to facilitate their energetic pursuits while keeping them elegantly dressed.

Why Choose Flats and Slippers?

Flats and slippers are the unsung heroes of footwear. Whether you’re at home, out for a casual stroll, or running errands, these types of footwear provide the perfect blend of functionality and fashion.

Flats and slippers for Women

-Elegant Designs for Every Occasion

Flats and slippers are a go-to choice for women who value both style and comfort. At APL Footwear, our collection features a wide variety of designs that cater to different tastes and occasions.

- Comfort Meets Style

One of the biggest advantages of flats and slippers are their comfort. Whether you’re walking around the city or standing for long periods, our flats and slippers will keep your feet happy.

Flats and slippers for Men

- Casual and Comfortable

Flats and slippers for men are all about combining casual style with unbeatable comfort. Whether you’re heading for a casual lunch, or just taking a walk, our flats and slippers provide the perfect blend of style and comfort.

- Durable and Stylish

Men’s flats and slippers from APL Footwear are designed to be durable and stylish. Made with high-quality materials, these footwear are built to last. With a range of colours and styles, from classic neutrals to bold statements, you can find the perfect pair to complement your wardrobe.

Flats and slippers for Kids

- Cute and Comfortable

For kids, flats and slippers need to be cute, comfortable, and durable. With fun designs and bright colours, our flats and slippers will quickly become a favourite in your child’s wardrobe.

- Support and Durability

Children’s feet need proper support as they grow. They are also durable enough to handle all the running, jumping, and playing that kids love to do.

Affordable yet elegant:

Unlike the belief that quality comes at a high cost, APL Footwear redefines accessibility without sacrificing perfection. Our commitment to providing footwear at competitive and affordable rates remains unbroken, ensuring that our clients get the most for their money.

1. Are APL Footwear flats and slippers affordable?

• Yes, APL Footwear is committed to providing stylish and comfortable footwear at competitive and affordable prices.

2. Can I find APL Footwear flats and slippers in different colours?

• Absolutely! APL Footwear offers a wide range of colours and designs to suit every taste and style.

3. Where can I buy APL Footwear flats and slippers?

• You can purchase APL Footwear flats and slippers at our showrooms across India or through our website.


When it comes to finding the best footwear for every member of the family at reasonable prices, APL Footwear stands out as the ultimate destination in India. With our diverse range, conveniently placed showrooms, and unwavering dedication to affordability, we enable people of all ages to enter their lives with courage and flair.