Mr. Inder Chhabra
(Managing Director)

Message from the Director

The essence of every business is making people truly believe in you, what you do, and what you provide.
When I founded APL Footwear in 2016, the thoughts that rang across my head were not generic like “sell as many products as I can”. I hoped to create a brand not defined by revenue but by trust; and trust among my dear clients to put their faith in us to provide the right thing for the right needs at the right price.
Since 2016, I have had the fortune to have people believe in APL Footwear in abundance. In the last few years, APL Footwear has grown considerably and consistently all over India, to the extreme delight of me and my team. Still, I believe APL Footwear is currently in the beginning stages of its growth, and I see an endless horizon of opportunities in the evolution of our company. Opportunities, we wish to grab. Opportunities, we wish to create. Opportunities, we wish to make the best use of. I do not doubt that our hard work will continue to bear fruit, as we will continue to grow at a rate quicker than ever.